Going From School Leaver To Sophisticated Adult

We all think we are oh so cool in our school years, and then college brings us back down to reality. Hard. Everyone realizes that there is still a lot of maturing and growing to do. In that gap between school and real adult life, most people go through a lot of changes that end with them becoming sophisticated grown-ups who can navigate social life with aplomb. For those of you don’t go through the process naturally, here are some tips on how to speed it up:

Ditch the School Clothes

School is when everyone experiments with different fashion styles to try and figure out their own. So your wardrobe is probably a mix of different styles that have no coherency. By the time you’re out of school you would’ve more or less figured it out, so ditch those clothes that you no longer wear, especially the ones that embody a different persona than yours. For instance, you may have a lot of clothes left over from your emo days so either try to adapt them into more adult looking wear or ditch them.

Get a New Hair Cut

Schools usually have strict regulations for hair, especially for boys so even after school, you may still look like a school kid. Grow out your hair a bit (don’t go overboard because that’s a classic sign of school kid rebelling) and then go to a proper hair salon and get the hairdressers there to attend to you. Have them give you a haircut that makes you look a little more sophisticated and grown- up. 

For women, get rid of the school girl bangs and get a sleek bob or shoulder length layered blow dry. Show your personality with a bit of colour but don’t overdo it. Same goes for the boys; grow your hair then ask the stylists at the hairdressers Williamstown the best way to style it daily. 

Be Responsible For Yourself

This means knowing how to take care of yourself no matter where you are, at all times of the day. Don’t drink and drive if you know that will hurt you or someone else; find a way to support yourself and stop sponging off your parents as much as possible; learn to clean up after yourself. Becoming an adult is not so much about age; it’s more about behaviour, especially responsible behaviour. If you are being harassed at work, talk to someone about it, even if you don’t want to report it, because bottling it up inside will affect you and your work adversely. Try to avoid giving excuses for why you can’t do something and instead, admit that it’s your fault but you will do better.