Growing Out Your Hair

If you have always had short hair or took the plunge an got a pixie cut or even a very short bob any time last year and have decided that you will now be trying to grow you hair out, remember two things – you will need a lot of patience and will soon feel a strong urge to cut it all off again – resist that urge unless you do not mind having short hair for longer. Growing out your hair takes time and can get tedious. You hair will go through some stages where it looks funny and is hard to style. Power through and in roughly six to eight months your hair will have grown at least five to six inches if you are lucky and will only keep growing. Here are some tips on growing out your hair.

The first four months

In these first four months as your hair begins to grow and you stop maintaining your current style things can look messy but not too bad. If you have a pixie cut it could start looking a little unruly and if you do want it to grow out nicely, we suggest that you get regular trims and have your hair shaped as it grows out. Have the top and front of your hair longer than the back. This will help you start evening out layers as your hair grows – if nor, roughly three months down the line your hair is going to start looking shaggy.

Styling your hair

Styling mousse and bobby pins, even a beanie are your best friends at this stage – you hair still has style but is slowly losing it and you will need the help of some products to help it look great. You could get Weave hair extensions Melbourne at this point if you like as it will give the illusion of longer hair.

Clip in hair extensions are a great way to fake long hair till yours grows out.

The middle length

This is probably going to be your least favourite stage and is likely when the urge to cut will hit. At this stage you hair is neither long nor short. It may even have a bit of a funny shape. One again you may have to rely on lots of bobby pins to clip your hair up and out of the way or rely on head bands, scarves and hats to detract from you slightly funny looking hair. Another option and one that we really like is to embrace this stage and go for a messy don’t care wild child vibe with your hair. Air dry your hair, back comb it and even try out beach waves! Beachy waves o curls on short hair can look super cute and can be styled to look sleek or just carefree. At this stage you are almost there so keep letting your hair grow and stay away from the scissors.